Supersymmetry, Particle Physics and Gravitation

  • P. Fayet
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 7)


Supersymmetry is a beautiful symmetry between bosons and fermions, although there is no evidence of it in Nature1. This does not mean that supersymmetry is not present, but that it must be well hidden. Super symmetric theories of weak, electromagnetic and strong interactions involve new particles such as heavy bosonic leptons and quarks, and fermionic partners for the photon and gluons2. They have a new, and very rich, phenomenology3–5. Super- symmetry also provides a natural framework for the introduction of gravity due to its close connection with the geometry of space-time6, and a possible link between interactions of gravitational and weak types due to a massive spin-3/2 particle, the gravitino4,7. (For earlier review articles on supersymmetric theories of particles, see Refs. 8–10.)


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