The Role of Electric System in the Diversification of Energy Sources

  • Luigi Paris


As you know I work for a big electric utility; therefore I apologize for viewing energy problems as a specialist in electricity, which plays today in the energy system an important role of energy carrier from the source to its final uses. In opposition to those who see in electricity and the electric system a barrier to the introduction of new possible power generation and consumption models, capable of coping with the energy crisis, I see in them a fundamental tool to solve this crisis. Electricity can contribute to energy source diversification and thus exploit energy sources alternative to oil and gas. It is useless to remind the reasons why nuclear energy can be used today only by converting it into electricity. This is perhaps the major fault of electricity: to make the use of nuclear energy safe, economic and possible. But, even if our society wishes to throw away the great possibility that nuclear energy offers to solve the energy crisis, a possibility that he secured with his ability and his work, I do not see why he should throw away electricity too. On the other hand, coal, the other large alternative source, has some trouble in replacing oil and gas in the majority of current applications due to its difficult handling and combustion; therefore it must be transformed into fluid or more economically must be converted into electric energy in large power plants.


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