Sediment Surface Reactions in Fjord Basins

  • David Dyrssen
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 4)


A phosphate molecule in the basin water of the By Fjord could very well have originated from a plankton formed in the upwelling areas off West Africa, carried across the Atlantic by the equatorial currents, brought up around Scotland into the North Sea by the Gulf Stream and from the Skagerack part of the North Sea into the surface water of the By Fjord on the west coast of Sweden. There the phosphate molecule could be built into a new plankton species in a spring bloom, which later on was eaten by zooplankton. Finally it reached the bottom of the By Fjord in the form of a fecal pellet. During the decomposition of the organic matter of these fecal pellets the organic phosphate eaters were hydrolyzed and the phosphate molecule was released into the basin water.


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