Refining the Parameters of the Refined Spin-Pairing Energy Description

  • Christian K. Jørgensen


It is a general feature of monatomic entities (gaseous atoms or ions with charge + z) that the barycenters (the average energy of all the states belonging to a definite electron configuration) for a given element vary as a parabolic (quadratic) function of z (1,2) and for a given z, as a linear function of the atomic number Z. A typical example is the barycenter of[18]3d2 of Sc+ situated 1.24 eV (leV=8065.73 cm−1) above the ground state belonging to [18]3d4s having the barycenter at 0.09 eV), almost at the same distance as the unique state of [18]4s2 situated at 1.45 eV. The same mechanism is involved in lanthanides, where the neutral atoms in 11 cases have the ground-state belonging to [54]4fq6s2 and of M+ to[54]4fq6s. In the following, M is a lanthanide.


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