Intermetallic Compounds in R.E.(Al,Ga)2 and R.E.(Cu,Ga)2 Alloys

  • A. E. Dwight


A series of alloys were made ranging from R.E.Al2 to R.E.Ga2, in which R.E. includes all trivalent rare earths and Ce. The only ternary compound has the CeCd2-type structure instead of the AlB2-type reported earlier. The unit cell constants and composition ranges of the ternary compounds were measured.

In the R.E.(Cu,Ga)2 series, Ga substitutes for nearly half the Cu in the orthorhombic CeCu2-type structure, for the heavy rare earths. Over a range of compositions centered around R.E.2CuGa3, a family of ternary compounds exists having the CaIn2-type structure. This is significant in that previously reported ternary CaIn2-type compounds exist at the equiatomic composition. All alloys were arc melted under argon, and annealed in vacuum. Crystal structure and unit cell constants were determined by the Debye-Scherrer method.


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