Concurrent Sex Therapy and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy by Separate Therapists

Effectiveness and Implications
  • Alexander N. Levay
  • Josef H. Weissberg
  • Alvin B. Blaustein
Part of the Critical Issues in Psychiatry book series


Innovators of new treatment methods usually wish to maintain the “purity” of their approach. It is equally certain that this will be only a temporary state of affairs, with the new method eventually becoming amalgamated with other clinically effective techniques. So it was with Masters and Johnson’s position that all other treatment should be discontinued during the period of sex therapy. In this paper Levay and his associates report on the introduction of a program of sex therapy, utilizing a second therapist, during ongoing psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


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  • Alexander N. Levay
  • Josef H. Weissberg
  • Alvin B. Blaustein

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