Optical Waveguide Modulation Techniques

  • Jacob M. Hammer
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 41)


In the following chapter we will briefly review some physical effects useful in the construction of optical modulators. A description of how these effects are put to use in constructing “bulk” modulators will lay the groundwork for a description of the principles of optical waveguide modulators. It will be seen that because the available physical effects are small it is necessary to have a relatively long interaction length to accumulate a useful effect. In “bulk” modulators the diffraction properties of light limit the available interaction length for a given optical beam cross-sectional area. This, in turn, causes the bulk devices to require very high drive powers and voltages and/or currents. Optical waveguide modulators are able to avoid this limitation and thus exhibit much lower power-voltage-current requirements than the bulk devices.


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