Reactions Between Heavy Ions at High Energy

  • Jörg Hüfner
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (ASIB, volume 38)


Why do I work on heavy ion reactions at high energies? A few years ago I had finished a review on pion-nucleus physics and I felt like starting something new. Heavy ion research at the Bevalac had just begun and rumors about fantastic results were running high. They made me curious and I started to look into the first experiments which had just been finished. The fantastic results which had attracted me, found their down-to-earth explanation. Yet my excitement and fascination stay. I feel like an adventurer, I am among the first to enter a new wilderness where there is no street nor path. We all keep our eyes and ears open, always prepared for the fantastique (which so rarely happens) but still happy if a new piece of nature is discovered and understood. As Jensen once said about some of his own work: “I was digging for a treasure and found a worm.”


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  • Jörg Hüfner
    • 1
  1. 1.MPI Für KernphysikInst. f. Theoret. Physik der UniversitätHeidelbergGermany

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