Review of the Ultrastructure and Cytochemistry of Megakaryoblastic Leukemia

  • Janine Breton-Gorius
Part of the Developments in Oncology Series book series (DION, volume 14)


The term acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (AMKL) was introduced in 1931 [1]. However, a variety of names have been used to describe megakaryoblastic proliferations: megakaryoblastic myelosis, aleukemic megakaryoblastic myelosis, myeloid megakaryocyte hepatosplenomegaly, malignant megakaryocytosis, acute leukemia with megakaryocytic predominance and micromegakaryoblastic leukemia. Thus it is difficult to differentiate between the various reports. AMKL appears to be a rare disease. A survey of the literature discloses only a few cases, and in the FAB classification AMKL is not mentioned [2]. A controversy has prevented the general acceptance of this nosologic entity, because some cases also had many features of acute myeloblastic leukemia. Furthermore proliferation and organ infiltration by megakaryocytic precursors have also been reported in the past in a wide range of conditions, including chronic myeloid leukemia, thrombocythemia, myelosclerosis, and erythroleukemia [3–61].


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