Vapor Transport and Sintering of Ceramics

  • D. W. Readey
  • J. Lee
  • T. Quadir


There is a significant difference in the important processing steps between metals and ceramics. Most of the microstructure development and control which are used to vary properties in metallic systems occur during post-consolidation thermal and mechanical treatments such as recrystallization and precipitation. Only recently are similar techniques being applied to ceramics. For example, a great deal of effort is underway in trying to increase the work of fracture of ceramics by transformational toughening1 and microcracking2. Nevertheless, if the fracture strength of such materials is determined by large random processing flaws, even though the average strength is increased by toughening, the sample to sample variation will still make the systems designer reluctant to utilize the material. Therefore, an improved understanding of ceramic microstucture development is the most critical area which will lead to new, improved, and more widespread use of high technology ceramics.


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