Origin of The Primordial Inhomogeneities of the Universe

  • D. A. Kompaneets
  • V. N. Lukash
  • I. D. Novikov


We propose a general principle which enables us to determine the initial fluctuations of the metric in the hot Universe. We consider the recently discovered process of amplification of density perturbations near the cosmological singularity. The conclusions are applied to the problem of formation of the large-scale structure of the Universe.


Density Perturbation Potential Perturbation Cosmological Expansion Cosmological Singularity Grand Unification Theory 
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© Plenum Press, New York 1984

Authors and Affiliations

  • D. A. Kompaneets
    • 1
  • V. N. Lukash
    • 1
  • I. D. Novikov
    • 1
  1. 1.Space Research InstituteAcademy of SciencesUSSR

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