Two Applications of Polaron Theory : Cyclotron Resonance and Relaxation of Hot Charge Carriers

  • R. Evrard
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 127)


Two applications of polaron theory are treated in some detail to give examples of its practical importance. In the first example, it is shown how one can calculate the absorption spectrum for polarons in cyclotron resonance. These theoretical results give a better understanding of polaron effects, like the pinning effect or the phonon assisted-transitions.

The second example deals with the relaxation of hot electrons. The interaction with polar optical phonons is very efficient in relaxing the energy of the hot carriers. It is shown that the final energy distribution reached after the relaxation due to these optical phonons, is far from a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. The interaction with the acoustic phonons gives a far slower relaxation, but leads to a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution at equilibrium, if the inelasticity of the collisions is taken into account.


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  • R. Evrard
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  1. 1.Institut de Physique B5Université de LiègeSart Tilman/Liège 1Belgium

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