New Liquid Crystals, Polymeric and Monomeric, Derived from Binaphthyl

  • A. J. East
  • B. C. Benicewicz


In recent years, a large number of novel liquid crystal polymers have been described and the topic has been reviewed by several authors12. One notable series of such mesogenic polymers consists of stiff rod-like moieties connected by flexible in-chain units. Examples of this type are the simple polyoxyethylene glycol polyesters derived from p-terphenyl-4, 4’-dicarboxylic described by Fayolle et al.3, and the polyesterazines described by Roviello and Sirigu4, the polyester Schiff bases described by Blumstein et al.5 and the azoxydiphenol polyesters from the same group.6


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