Silicon Detectors for The NA14 Photoproduction Experiment At CERN

  • D. M. Websdale
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (volume 16)


The NA14 experiment1 is installed in the North Area of the CERN SPS and uses a high intensity tagged photon beam. The emphasis of the experimental program is on a study of photon hard scattering processes, for which a description in terms of the parton model and its QCD corrections should be applicable. Examples of such processes include deep inelastic Compton \( \left( {\gamma q \to \gamma q} \right), \) QCD Compton \( \left( {\gamma q \to gq} \right) \) and photon-gluon fusion \( \left( {\gamma g \to q\bar q} \right). \) Data on these should complement the analysis of hard photon processes; e+e-, Drell-Yan and deep inelastic lepton scattering.


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