Reoperation after Cardiac Valve Surgery: Elective, Urgent and Emergent

  • James R. Pluth


During the 1970s there was a trend toward the use of tissue or heterograft valves in order to avoid the high rate of thromboembolism and anticoagulant related complications associated with mechanical prostheses. Use of bioprostheses appears to have reduced thromboembolic complications, but unfortunately, bioprosthesis must still be considered a temporary valve substitute. Due to its limited durability, one must consider the risks of future reoperation for valve replacement when weighing the potential benefits of a bioprosthesis. This chapter assesses the risks of valve reoperation and its effect on subsequent longevity.


Valve Replacement Infectious Endocarditis Mechanical Prosthesis Cardiac Valve Replacement Paravalvular Regurgitation 
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