Poliovirus cDNA Cloned in Bacterial Plasmids

  • Marc Girard
  • Michel Dreano
  • Helena Kopecka
  • Daniele Benichou
  • Sylvie Van Der Werf
Part of the Developments in Molecular Virology book series (DMVI, volume 5)


The genome of poliovirus is a 7440 nucleotide long, infectious, single-stranded RNA molecule of “plus” strand polarity (1). Its 5′ end is covalently attached to a small MW protein termed VPg (for a review see reference 2), whereas its 3′ end is polyadenylated (Fig. 1). Most of the progress in our understanding of the organization of the viral genome comes from the recent determination of the complete nucleotide sequence of the RNAs of both the Mahoney strain (wild type) and the attenuated Sabin strain (Lsc2ab strain) of type 1 virus (3–5).


cDNA Insert Hybrid moLecuLes Restriction Enzyme Cleavage Site Sabin Strain PvuII Site 
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    • 1
  • Michel Dreano
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  • Helena Kopecka
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  • Daniele Benichou
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  • Sylvie Van Der Werf
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  1. 1.Unit of Molecular Virology, Department of VirologyInstitut PasteurParis Cedex 15France

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