Performance in Service and Environmental Exposure

  • Sidney Levy
  • J. Harry DuBois


The ultimate requirement of any part or structure is that it perform the function for which it is designed. With many materials the design life of the part is usually not as important as it is with plastics because of the creep characteristics of the plastics. In all cases the useful life is an important consideration whether the item is a pan for the kitchen or a bridge to handle traffic in a city. The people who use the designed product expect it to be properly engineered to perform satisfactorily in the intended environment for the indicated life, without endangering them or becoming functionally useless before the end of the predicted life. This, of course, implies that the user does not abuse the part and maintains it properly. It is the responsibility of the engineer to provide the user with sufficient information so that he can intelligently use the product and properly maintain it. No product can be guaranteed to perform properly if it is abused.


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