Conceptual Development and Technology: Glass 1955–1980

  • Norbert J. Kreidl
Part of the Institute for Amorphous Studies Series book series (IASS)


Technology is as often the stimulator and sponsor of science as scientific insight is the foundation of technological innovation. There is, then, no justification for the mutual distrust of technologists and theorists, a distrust which is rarely admitted or discussed, but often observed. The role of application as an “asset for obtaining improved research results” and a creator “of the very economical force and motivation for continued research” in the field of amorphous solids has been emphasized at the New York Symposium on Semiconductor Effects in Amorphous Solids (DOREMUS and WALSH 1970). The extent of fruitful application of basic research finds an outstanding example in Sir Nevill MOTT’S (1967-1969) elucidation of the electronic structure of non-crystalline solids. Conversely, OVSHINSKY’S (1966, 1968) obsession with the use of non-crystalline solids in devices such as memories or photovoltaics has excited much of the basic work surrounding MOTT’s conceptual mile stone. Indeed it had been Sir Nevill MOTT who at the Exeter Semiconductor Conference in 1962 predicted that much of the excitement of solid state physics in the 1970ies would derive from challenges of technology (FRITZSCHE 1972). And the 1972 Annual Conference credited OVSHINSKY’s work with stimulating one fourth of the presentations (FRITZSCHE 1972).


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