Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

An Overview
  • Z. J. Lipowski


An overview of consultation-liaison psychiatry from the perspective of 15 years of personal work in this area provides an opportunity to highlight some current trends in psychiatry. Liaison psychiatrists have kept in touch with seminal developments in clinical practice, education, research, and modes of health care delivery in both general medicine and psychiatry. The last 15 years have brought far-reaching changes in all of these areas. Consultation-liaison psychiatry provides a fit vantage point for watching the changes that permit prediction of future directions in psychiatry as amedical discipline . The kind of psychiatry that the consultants practice and the type of training, skills, and professional attitudes that their work requires represent a model that is likely to prevail in psychiatry in the coming years. This contention is based on the observable trends in health care delivery and the scientific, social, and economic factors that influence them. These issues will be discussed here in the framework of a survey of the scope, assumptions, organization, and functions of consultation-liaison psychiatry.


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