Aging and Technological Advances: Home and Community

  • Victor A. Regnier
  • Elias Cohen
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 24)


This chapter summarizes the comments of the home and community environment study group. This panel was perhaps the most eclectic of the four study groups and thus the range of discussion was wide and the topics available for review were varied. The issues presented ranged from the development of computer aided robotic devices to the design of comfortable therapeutic furniture. The range of topical issues made for stimulating and interesting discussion. Originally it was thought that consensus could be developed around questions dealing with the effects of technology on residential and community settings. However, the hoped for indepth analysis and integrative commentary on important issues was hampered by the varied backgrounds of panel members and the lack of time available for discussion. What did occur, however, was a clear enumeration of concerns regarding how high technology monitoring and enabling equipment will be accepted and or made acceptable to older people. Study group participants were quick to identify a number of technological influences that would likely have a major impact on the lifestyles of older residents. The one single interest the study group members shared was a concern about how technological advances would directly affect the everyday lives of older people.


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