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Legal Psychiatry in Quebec

  • Lionel Béliveau


The world of medicine and the world of law come together within legal psychiatry. Each field is distinct from the other, and each brings with it a long and independent tradition. Both are equally over-burdened, barely managing to keep up with the ever-increasing stream of clients. Courts and correctional facilities on one hand, hospital emergency wards on the other, are filled to overflowing, and though legal and medical personnel are willing to take on the tasks that fall within their respective jurisdictions, no one is prepared to look after an area outside his competence, especially if the results are less than satisfying. The criminally insane are just the sort of marginal group with whom no one is comfortable. Everyone, in fact, would be just as happy to exclude them from his sphere of responsabi1ity.


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  • Lionel Béliveau
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