Bipolar Effects of Sulpiride

  • L. Colonna


Do therapeutic effects of neuroleptics differ as a function of the product prescribed, the dosage administered, and finally the duration of treatment? Opinions among clinicians are certainly not unanimous on this point. In the USA, for example, neuroleptics have always been regarded as possessing identical therapeutic effects (with the condition that an appropriate dosage be administered), their diversity being recognized only in respect of side effects. In contrast, medical opinion in Europe, and particularly in France, tends towards classifications which differentiate neuroleptics as a function of their therapeutic and side effects. Each neuroleptic is qualified as possessing sedative, incisive, hallucinolytic, polyvalent, or disinhibitory activity. These classifications are based on the assumption that a more potent psychotic action is related to the potential to provoke neurological effects of the dyskinetic or parkinsonian type, while the other compounds that were mainly sedative in activity provoked endocrine or neurovegetative effects.


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