Dilemmas Created by Prenatal Detection of Urinary Tract Anomalies

  • Warren E. Grupe
Part of the Developments in Nephrology book series (DINE, volume 17)


It has been slightly more than a decade since Garrett first reported the successful in-utero diagnosis of polycystic kidneys using ultrasound (1). Advances in ultrasonographic techniques has not only allowed a rapid improvement in the ability to study fetal anatomy, but has stimulated an equally rapid expansion of routine procedures, even when there is no special indication. As might be expected, the discovery of malformations has quickly expanded. The prevalence of abnormalities approximates 1–2 per thousand ultrasound procedures, of which 20–33% are anomalies of the genitourinary tract (2,3). Over 90% of the reported prenatally detected malformations have appeared in print since 1980 (4).


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