Pathology of soft tissue sarcomas

  • J. A. M. van Unnik
  • A. J. M. van Unnik
Part of the Cancer Treatment and Research book series (CTAR, volume 29)


The increase in therapeutic modalities for soft tissue sarcomas requires an optimal histopathological categorization of these malignancies. Only in this way the clinician is provided with a reliable prediction of the behaviour of a particular lesion. Moreover a strict definition of these entities and a high degree of reproducibility is a prerequisite for a comparison of therapeutic results which forms a basis for further progress in this field. Only a better understanding of the histogenesis of these malignancies provides a starting point for the delineation of the different categories. In the past decades additional techniques such as electron microscopy and the use of immunohistochemical markers have extended our diagnostic tools, but at the same time they have questioned time-honoured conceptions.


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