Initial Detection and Evaluation: Intraoral Neoplasms

  • Douglas E. Peterson
  • C. Daniel OverholserJr.
  • Stewart A. Bergman
  • Todd Beckerman
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 36)


This chapter reviews the principles and techniques used to detect and evaluate intraoral cancer. These concepts have direct clinical importance; survival rates, which vary with site, can be improved with early detection (figure 10–1) [1–7]. In addition, many people see their dentist routinely, thereby providing the opportunity for early detection. These clinicians should thus carefully and regularly examine all intraoral structures and palpate the neck in their patients, particularly those individuals at risk. By virtue of their training, dentists are the individuals most integrally involved with oral health and disease. Thus, the responsibility for early recognition of oral pathologic changes is frequently theirs.


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