Advanced Materials and Device Analytical Techniques

  • Lawrence L. Kazmerski


Emerging and established technologies have critical analytical requirements for the diagnostic investigations of components. The measurement needs span the optical, mechanical, electrical and chemical fields, and their sophistication varies from simple visual inspections for blemishes and nonuniformities to complex ion microscopies for trace impurity determination. Traditionally, the science of these characterization efforts has been lumped into the somewhat negative designation “failure analysis”. Although this description certainly fits a wide range of such studies, the field has broadened to involve more positive approaches. These encompass process control applications, including the analysis of components/devices/materials that meet or exceed specifications in order to ascertain desired characteristics. (Of course, this latter approach is sometimes applied in a minor number of cases to the area called “reverse engineering”, in which a manufacturer or researcher attempts to benefit from his competitor’s success.) “Failure analysis”, of course, should be viewed as apreventative technology, which provides short-term directions leading to long-term technologies.


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