Safety in New Uses of Hydrogen Energy

  • R. E. Knowlton
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 31)


This paper summarizes the results of two projects and the work of the Canadian Hydrogen Safety Committee (HSC). The first project covered the safety of hydrogen as a ground transportation fuel. The preferred form of hydrogen was as cryogenic liquid although other forms were also considered. Designs for bulk storage, distribution, retail storage, refuelling and in-vehicle use were developed and the hazards identified by “Hazard & Operability Studies”. The second project was concerned with finding “niches” where the unique qualities of hydrogen as an energy- carrier could be exploited in the near future. The study covered a wide range of “applications-driven” uses including utilities, road and rail transport, aircraft, mine vehicles and submarines as well as “technology-driven” options such as the exploitation of low-temperature effects.


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