Network Reliability and Survivability

  • John E. Hershey
  • R. K. Rao Yarlagadda
Part of the Applications of Communications Theory book series (ACTH)


The ability of a network to withstand component failure, subversion, or openly hostile actions is inextricably linked to its topology as well as its individual component survivabilities. The most basic of the topological questions is node “connectivity.” Node connectivity means simply the linking together of centers that can originate or receive messages by means of pathways or, as they are more appropriately termed, “links.” We will at first assume only two-way or bidirectional links which are appropriate models, for example, for microwave links that use the same physical antenna for transmission and reception through polarization or frequency diversity. We further restrict our attention, for now, to those cases that allow a maximum of one link to be placed between any two nodes.


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  • R. K. Rao Yarlagadda
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  2. 2.Oklahoma State UniversityStillwaterUSA

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