Characterization of Calcium Channels in Carrot Cells

  • Marie-Jose Gillery
  • Raoul Ranjeva
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Plant cells may accumulate high levels of calcium but the mechanisms by which the cation enters the cell remain largely unknown.

Recently, Hetherington and Trewavas (1984) have shown that membranes isolated from pea seedlings bind calcium-channel antagonists in a specific manner but with a lower affinity constant compared to animal systems.

Such data suggest the occurrence of calcium channels in higher plant cells.

In our laboratory, we have prepared carrot protoplasts and membrane fractions (microsomes) from protoplasts and looked at their ability to bind calcium antagonists.


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  • Marie-Jose Gillery
    • 1
  • Raoul Ranjeva
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  1. 1.Centre de Physiologie VégétaleUniversité Paul Sabatier, U.A. CNRS n° 241Toulouse CédexFrance

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