The Role of Calcium in the Regulation of Plant Metabolism

  • Dieter Marmé
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The free calcium ion is now recognized as a major intracellular regulator of numerous biochemical and physiological processes in plants. Over the last six or seven years a large body of evidence has been accumulated which allows us to propose a working hypothesis for the mode of action of calcium-dependent mechanisms. This hypothesis consists of essentially three parts: (1) The free cytoplasmic calcium concentration is low (less than µM) and under metabolic control; (2) The cytoplasmic calcium concentration can be regulated by various extra- (or intra-) cellular signals; (3) The cytoplasmic calcium binds to receptor proteins (calmodulin beeing the most important one) which become activated and capable to modify enzyme or other activities. It is the aim of this review to put together all the essential information which supports our working hypothesis.


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