Rationale and Structure of the Workshop on ‘Long-Term Development of NATO’s Conventional Forward Defense’

  • Reiner K. Huber


For various reasons, NATO’s conventional weakness is increasingly becoming a cause of deep concern to most Western defense analysts. Some argue that, due to the lack of operational reserves, the Western Alliance would be confronted with the nuclear decision too early to lend sufficient credibility to strategic nuclear deterrence. Others claim that American strategic deterrence has indeed become ineffective for the Western Alliance ever since the United States have lost their nuclear monopoly. An extreme view suggests that the employment of American ‘tactical nuclear weapons’ (TNW) in the defense of Europe should not be acceptable to the United States unless she makes it absolutely clear to the Soviet Union that under no circumstances will her strategic forces be used in a military conflict in Europe. Thus, unless the conventional imbalance is significantly reduced, nuclear war confined to Europe will become an ever more likely possibility.


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