• R. M. Flügel
Part of the Developments in Veterinary Virology book series (DVVI, volume 6)


The pathogenic properties of retroviruses are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on some recent developments that correlate D-type retroviruses with immunosuppression in monkeys. Special attention is given to infections and disease caused by lentiviruses including newly isolated simian retroviruses that induce simian acquired immunodeficiency syndromes. In general, an attempt has been made to review retroviral disease with respect to genomic structure and the corresponding functions of viral gene products. Retroviruses are subdivided into those coding for an oncogene, the sarcomaviruses, and those that do not encode any oncogenes, like mouse mammary tumor virus whereas bovine leukemia virus is dealt with from the point of view of the trans-acting activator gene. In addition, the disease-specific production of unintegrated feline leukemia virus variant DNA in feline acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (FAIDS) is covered.


Bovine Leukemia Virus Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Visna Virus Bovine Leukemia Virus Provirus 
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