Extended partial laryngeal surgery

  • Byron J. Bailey
  • Charles M. Stiernberg
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Partial laryngectomy is a procedure that was first performed over a century ago. H.B. Sands, in the United States, reported the first partial laryngectomy for the purpose of curing cancer. The patient was a young female, and she survived for 2 years and subsequently died of cancer of the kidney without any evidence of laryngeal recurrence [1]. In 1975, Bilroth, who is credited with performing the first total laryngectomy for cancer, reported a case in which a hemilaryngectomy was performed for cancer of the larynx [1]. It was not until the early part of this century, however, that surgeons began to refine and standardize the operative techniques for conservation surgery of the larynx. Popularization of several of these techniques and widespread acceptance by surgeons did not occur until the 1960s. At the present time, there are than a dozen varieties of partial laryngectomy techniques, and at least another dozen techniques that would be characterized as extended partial laryngectomy techniques. This chapter focuses on the latter type of laryngectomy.


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