Pretreatment with ICRF-187 Protects Against the Chronic Cardiac Toxicity Produced by Very Large Cumulative Doses of Doxorubicin in Beagle Dogs

  • V. J. Ferrans
  • E. H. Herman
  • R. L. Hamlin
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 53)


The optimal use of anthracyclines, such as doxorubicin and daunoruoicin, in cancer chemotherapy is hampered by the serious cardiotoxicity that these agents produce when administered to patients. This cardiac toxicity can be acute, subacute and chronic. The acute cardiotoxicity is manifested immediately after the drug is given and consists of hypotension and electrocardiographic changes, which have been attributed to acute, drug-induced release of histamine. The subacute toxicity is rare and is clinically evident in the form of transient myocarditis and pericarditis. The chronic toxicity is the most important and consists of dilated cardiomyopathy, which may have a delayed onset, is often fatal, and usually occurs when the drug is given in cumulative doses which exceed 450 mg/m2 (1).


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  • E. H. Herman
  • R. L. Hamlin

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