The Cohesive Disorders

  • Roy M. Mendelsohn


The expression, “It all depends on how you look at it,” implies that an experience has a different significance if it is viewed from another perspective. A given stimulus can only be perceived from differing perspectives when there is a capacity to effect differing qualities of perceptions simultaneously. The ability to shift from one perceptual vantage point to another depends upon a psychic organization that can support one view, while retaining the effects and significance of the other. It is a complex perceptual act that can only take place when focused areas of perceptual activity, in continuity with each other, are functional in differing sectors of the personality. This requires the representations of self-experience and the representations of an object’s influence to be united and differentiated. A shift in perspective can then occur upon a stable background that maintains a continuity of experience, which reflects the presence of a state of cohesiveness.


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