Cytochrome Systems

pp 565-574

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Escherichia Coli Aerobic Respiratory Chain

  • Yasuhiro AnrakuAffiliated withDepartment of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo

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The respiratory chains of mitochondria and aerobic bacteria play a fundamental role in the redox-linked proton pump (1). Cytochromes are the major functional units in the respiratory chain and are essential components in this energy transduction mechanism (2). Prior to this decade, remarkably little was known on a biochemical level about the cytochromes of the aerobic respiratory chain in E.coli. However, as reviewed recently (3), biochemical and molecular biological studies of the aerobic cytochromes have progressed rapidly, so the respiratory system has been mentioned as the most luxurious system to learn the biological and biophysical mechanisms of electron transport catalyzed by a ubiquinol oxidase. The main focus of this article is to describe the current status of biochemistry and molecular biology of the E.coli aerobic respiratory chain.