Discovery and Physics of Superconductivity Above 90K

  • C. W. Chu
  • P. H. Hor
  • R. L. Meng
  • L. Gao
  • Z. J. Huang
  • Y. Q. Wang
  • J. Bechtold


The search for superconductivity with a practically high transition Tc, i.e. above 7 7K-the liquid nitrogen temperature, has been one of the most challenging tasks of physicists and material scientists ever since the discovery of superconductivity in 1911. In spite of the great efforts over the last three quarters of a century, until 1986 T had been raised by only 20K, to 2 3.2K first observed1 in 1973. In view of the slow progress, many non-conventional approaches have been proposed and tested. They fall into the general categories of synthesizing and investigating novel materials under normal and extreme conditions, and the search for novel superconducting mechanisms. There exist, to date, no definitive guidelines to predict material systems that will exhibit high Tc and/or novel superconducting mechanisms. In this respect, an empirical search for new high-Tc materials remains the most effective approach. It has been suggested2 that it may be fruitful to investigate superconductivity under various conditons in compounds generally not favorable for conventional superconductivity. The superconducting oxides are examples of such systems, since the great majority of the known superconductors are inter-metallic compounds.


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  • P. H. Hor
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  • R. L. Meng
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  • L. Gao
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  • Z. J. Huang
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  • Y. Q. Wang
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  • J. Bechtold
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  1. 1.Department of Physics and Center for Space Vacuum EpitaxyUniversity of HoustonUSA

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