Flux Lattice Melting in Amorphous Composite IN/INOx Thin Film Superconductors

  • P. L. Gammel
  • A. F. Hebard
  • D. J. Bishop


The mechanical response, comprising longitudinal sound velocity and damping, of amorphous In/InOx films is studied as a function of normal state sheet resistance. The films are sputtered directly onto a high Q oscillator fabricated from single crystal silicon. With a resonant frequency near 3 KHz, the oscillators have Q’s of 105 and a frequency stability of 10-8. This allows for a unique measurement of the dynamics of magnetic vortices, induced by a field perpendicular to the plane of the sample. The melting of the vortex lattice is signaled by a peak in the attenuation and a frequency shift of the silicon oscillator. The zero field melting temperature and the magnitude of the frequency shift are described by a model of Kosterlitz-Thouless melting due to D.S. Fisher. The temperature dependence of the melting does not agree with this calculation.


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© Plenum Press, New York 1987

Authors and Affiliations

  • P. L. Gammel
    • 1
  • A. F. Hebard
    • 1
  • D. J. Bishop
    • 1
  1. 1.AT&T Bell LaboratoriesMurray HillUSA

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