The Basis for the Use of Solar Energy

  • Eduard W. Justi


Concern about the future of the world’s energy supply has sharpened awareness of the difference between nonrenewable and renewable sources of energy. Sources of water power are inexhaustible and not harmful to the environment. They are renewed by the cycle of evaporation and rain, are driven by the sun, and will soon be in use on all continents. Wind energy also originates in solar energy and is therefore inexhaustible and—if it could be efficiently utilized—sufficient to meet the needs of all mankind some 30 times over. It is all the more unfortunate, therefore, that the geographic distribution and sporadic nature of wind energy make it a difficult source to use economically. Tides and geothermal heat, even though they do not arise from solar energy, are virtually inexhaustible, but are of restricted use because of their limited distribution.


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