Biochemical Modulation of Cisplatin

  • S. B. Howell
  • J. Vick
  • P. A. Andrews
  • S. Velury
  • R. Sanga
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 54)


New information is rapidly emerging on the kinds of adducts that cisplatin forms with DNA (1–3). However, understanding of the cellular pharmacology of cisplatin, and particularly of how one might alter the cellular pharmacology so as to increase the efficacy of the drug is more limited. We have been interested in finding agents that will alter the activity of cisplatin at the cellular level, and using them as probes to trace the fate of the drug between the time it enters the cell and the time it reacts with DNA. Recently we have found that dipyridamole, a drug used extensively as an anti-coagulant and anti-anginal agent, interacts synergistically with cisplatin to enhance toxicity against both cisplatin-sensitive and resistant human ovarian carcinoma cells.


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  • S. B. Howell
  • J. Vick
  • P. A. Andrews
  • S. Velury
  • R. Sanga

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