Cyclosporine a Nephrotoxicity

  • V. E. Andreucci
  • G. Fuiano
Part of the International Yearbooks of Nephrology book series (IYNE, volume 1)


Despite the many studies performed both in humans and in experimental animals during the decade which has elapsed since the introduction of Cyclosporine A (CyA) into clinical practice, the mechanisms by which CyA damages the kidneys is still poorly defined. The main problem faced in the past years in studying CyA nephrotoxicity is related to the almost exclusive clinical use of CyA in renal transplant recipients, i.e. in patients who initially (soon after transplantation) exhibit, in the transplanted kidney, the consequences of ischemic injury, and then undergo acute and/or chronic renal allograft rejection; these conditions make CyA-induced renal impairment difficult to isolate. Only in recent years has clinical experience been gained in humans with previously healthy native kidneys, i.e. in heart, liver or bone marrow transplant recipients or in patients treated with CyA for extrarenal diseases (1).


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