Has CPD been as Effective as Hemodialysis?

  • Allen R. Nissenson
Part of the International Yearbooks of Nephrology book series (IYNE, volume 1)


Since its inception in 1976(1), continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and its variants CCPD and APD have progressively developed into accepted ESRD treatment modalities. By the end of 1987 over 40,000 patients worldwide were maintained on this form of therapy, representing nearly 20% of all dialysis patients(2). Marked variations exist in the application of CPD with less than 10% of patients in Japan, Germany and Italy on this modality compared to over 40% of patients in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Finland, Venezuela and Mexico. In the United States 17% of patients were on CPD at the end of 1987(2).


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