The Choice of Access for Long-Term Peritoneal Dialysis

  • Michael J. Flanigan
Part of the Topics in Renal Medicine book series (TIRM, volume 8)


Long-term peritoneal dialysis depends upon sterile technique and a safe dialysis access. Early authors performed continuous flow peritoneal dialysis using two catheters placed either surgically or by trocar [1]. These cannula consisted of a variety of instruments, including metal needles, gall-bladder trocars, Foley catheters, whistle-tip catheters, stainless-steel surgical sump drains, and brass tubing [2]. Grollman’s 1951 demonstration that a single, repetitively placed cannula combined with sterile dialysate could maintain anephric dogs for up to 69 days prompted further human evaluation of peritoneal lavage [3].


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