Bovine Herpesvirus-4 (BHV-4) Infections of Cattle

  • E. Thiry
  • M. Bublot
  • J. Dubuisson
  • P.-P. Pastoret
Part of the Developments in Veterinary Virology book series (DVVI, volume 9)


The bovine herpesvirus-4 (BHV-4) group comprises several antigenically related herpesviruses isolated from a variety of clinical syndromes as well as from apparently healthy cattle. Except for a few isolates, they are mildly or not pathogenic for cattle. Mononuclear blood cells and lymphoid organs are the sites of acute and latent infections in cattle and rabbits. A site of latency in nervous tissue also has been described in cattle. From some of its biological characteristics, such as the morphogenesis in infected cells and a slow viral growth curve, BHV-4 was tentatively classified as cytomegalovirus. Recent molecular data have allowed BHV-4 to be classified as a group B herpesvirus. Natural and experimental infections do not induce high levels of neutralizing antibodies so that serological diagnosis is best achieved by ELISA or immunofluorescence antibody tests. BHV-4 infection has a worldwide distribution: it has been already diagnosed in Europe, America and Africa.


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  • M. Bublot
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  • J. Dubuisson
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