Feathered Game

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The game bird is probably the type of game you think of first, and the one most widely used. This is possibly due to the fact that there are many more types of feathered game than furred, especially in Britain. Pheasants are shot in their millions each year and that number still seems to rise. Gone are the days when the medium-sized shoot could easily sell all of their surplus birds. As more and more EEC agricultural grants become available to the farmer to put his land to other uses, the more they are turning to shooting, and pheasant and partridge rearing, as an alternative or extra income. This is, of course, good news for the consumer. Always thought of as an expensive meat, game is now becoming cheaper. Not that I have ever considered it expensive. Pound for pound it is better value for money than most other meats. Of course, there is much more to feathered game than pheasant and partridge, but here I have concentrated only on the birds most commonly available in Europe. Although ptarmigan and capercaillie, for instance, are shot and eaten, it is very unlikely that either would be found for sale very often. Wild ducks are widely shot in this country but I have only given recipes for two types, mallard and teal, as these are the most common.


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