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During the 21 year period following the passage of the Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968, four major national surveys of credit insurance customers provided a body of empirical evidence regarding customer attitudes toward the product.1 The first and largest survey was conducted at Ohio University (Hubbard, 1973) to determine consumers’ attitudes toward and satisfaction with credit insurance (both life and disability), as well as the extent to which customers felt pressured into buying coverage. Successive studies by Huber (1978), Eisenbeis and Schweitzer (1979), and Cyrnak and Canner (1986) followed the same tack, but extended the questioning to explore other issues regarding sale of the product. Because the four studies utilized a common core of questions, but span 15 years of evolving financial services markets, they provide an opportunity to track changes in customer attitudes toward a product whose basic features remained fairly consistent over the period.2


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  1. 1.Department of Economics, Krannert Graduate School of ManagementPurdue UniversityUSA
  2. 2.Credit Research Center, Krannert Graduate School of ManagementPurdue UniversityUSA

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