Electrophysiological Studies of Wild-Type and Mutant Na+-Ca2+ Exchange Proteins

  • Larry V. Hryshko
  • Debora A. Nicoll
  • Satoshi Matsuoka
  • Dmitri Levitsky
  • Zhaoping Li
  • James N. Weiss
  • Kenneth D. Philipson
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 168)


In cardiac muscle, Na+-Ca2+ exchange is the primary mechanism for transsarcolemmal Ca2+ efflux (for reviews, see [1–3]). The majority of Ca2+ entering through L-type Ca2+ channels during the action potential is removed by this mechanism [4,5]. Recently, it has been postulated that Na+-Ca2+ exchange may also play a role in the Ca2+-induced Ca2+-release mechanism during cardiac contractions [6–8]. That is, Ca2+ entry through reverse Na+-Ca2+ exchange may trigger an additional release of Ca2+ from the sarcoplasmic reticulum. Although the contribution of this mechanism to physiological excitation-contraction coupling has not been unequivocally established [9–11], this postulation raises the possibility that Na+-Ca2+ exchange plays a prominent role in both contraction and relaxation of cardiac muscle.


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  • Debora A. Nicoll
  • Satoshi Matsuoka
  • Dmitri Levitsky
  • Zhaoping Li
  • James N. Weiss
  • Kenneth D. Philipson

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