Parasitoids and Predators of Arthropods and Molluscs

  • Roy G. Van Driesche
  • Thomas S. BellowsJr.


The identity and important biological features of the principal orders and families of parasitoids and predators attacking pest arthropods and snails are discussed in this chapter, and additional information may be found in Clausen (1940), Arnett (1968), Askew (1971), Hodek (1973), Foelix (1982), Waage and Greathead (1986), Gauld and Bolton (1988), Borror et al. (1989), Gerson and Smiley (1990), Grissell and Schauff (1990), and Godfray (1994). Information about names and organization of higher taxa of parasitoids and predators has been drawn principally from Askew (1971), Gauld and Bolton (1988), Borror et al. (1989), and Grissell and Schauff (1990). This chapter does not review the taxonomic literature of these groups, but rather introduces students to groups of importance to biological control and cites some projects which employed these groups.


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