Methods of commissioning works

  • A. C. Twort
  • J. Gordon Rees


Civil engineering structures rank among the great material works of man. Every such work is unique in the sense that it represents a specially designed effort to develop and use some portion of the earth’s natural resources at some particular location. In this effort it is needful, first to conceive the aim of the intended works; second to design them in practical detail; third to construct them; and fourth to put them into working operation. This fourfold process may commonly last from two to ten years; it may use the labours of hundreds of people, the knowledge of dozens of specialists gained over many years, and incorporate the natural and manufactured products of scores of different trades. Until such time as the works are completed there must be a continuous resolve to pursue their construction to finality; and resources must be provided in the form of money, manpower, machines and materials to support this resolve throughout the periods of design and construction.


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