Stereotactic Radiosurgical Treatment of Acoustic Neurinomas

  • Georg Norén
  • Jürgen Arndt
  • Tomas Hindmarsh
  • Anita Hirsch
Part of the Topics in neurological surgery book series (TINS, volume 1)


Stereotactic radiosurgery with the “gamma knife” was used for the first time in the treatment of acoustic neurinomas in 1969 [5, 7]. At that time, very little was known about the radiosensitivity of neurinomas to either fractionated or single high-dose irradiation. The radiosensitivity of adjacent structures such as cranial nerves, the brain stem, the cerebellum, and blood vessels also was unknown.


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  • Georg Norén
  • Jürgen Arndt
  • Tomas Hindmarsh
  • Anita Hirsch

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